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social networking security threats

Added 28th December 2019
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social networking security threats
Greetings Potential Clients!

Iā€™m a very self-motivated and determined professional with a decade of experience in providing administrative and personal support to executives and entrepreneurs and over 2 years of social media management. I have worked both in an office setting as well as remotely.

My goal is to help my clients achieve their goals and take their businesses to the next level. To attain this I utilize my computer skills, marketing, and content creation skills. With lots of experience with social media to prioritize tasks and reach these achievements.

Why Choose My social networking?

šŸ”„ 24/7 Customer Support

šŸ”„ On-Time Delivery

šŸ”„ Guaranteed Engagement

šŸ”„ Social media management and daily check-ins

šŸ”„ Daily posts & Custom Content Creation

šŸ”„ Organic Lead Generation

šŸ”„ Online & Offline Assistance

Social media marketing and support across major platforms: social networking security threats ā€“

āœ”ļø Facebook

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I would love to help you and your company reach their goals!


Enterprise Social Media Programs Must Include Security

Today, everyone is active on social media in some way, shape, or form. Companies are implementing social media strategies to get closer to customers and communicate with them on their own terms and on their preferred platforms. This is leading to new, potentially devastating attack vectors.

Profile, @Handle, and #Hashtag impersonation and abuse can lead to your customers and employees interacting with fraudsters and unauthorized representatives
Phishing now extends far beyond the inbox, utilizing fake profiles, shortened URLs, and deceptive posts to fool users into giving up information and credentials
Brands can be tarnished by defamatory, threatening, fraudulent, or inappropriate content
Malware has a new delivery mechanism that can target users via conversations, interactions, shortened or obfuscated URLs, and account hijacking.

Is social media a good thing or a bad thing?

Social media has created new opportunities for criminal justice agencies to solve crimes, among other things. Thus, like many other advancements in communication technology, social media has a good, bad and ugly side when it comes to its relationship with criminal justice and the law.

Is social media a good thing?

Social Media Is Good for Democracy. By connecting people across the world for free, platforms like Twitter and Facebook set the stage for a promising digital revolution, providing tools that helped foster global friendships, break down long-standing barriers that kept people and ideas from being heard and served as the ultimate democratizing force.

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