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McAfee Installtion With Product Key

Added 30th April 2020
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McAfee Installtion With Product Key


Welcome to McAfee Installtion With Product Key. McAfee is an antivirus service that provides security from spams and viruses. It is the security software that is introduced to protect the data from your computer and is the world’s largest security company. This is an antivirus that protects your data when you install its application in your system. It consists of various new functions every time it is updated. It has a facility to get automatically updated.

In case you are new to use this security application and do not know how to go with this application then you can contact McAfee Antivirus Phone Number for information. However, this article will explain you the steps related to the installation and activation of this product. You can follow the steps below to proceed.

Before starting we would like to tell you that activating McAfee account will help in activation, security, installations, setup, billing etc. The tasks related to  McAfee antivirus requires its account activation first. Hence we will start by creating the account.

Creating A McAfee antivirus account.

  1. Open your web browser and then go to McAfee website.

  2. When the homepage opens up click on Register now and enters your details like your name, email address and other things. You can now enter your password as well.

  3. As the account has been created. If you already have the 25 digit activation code then you can simply click on My account and then click on “Redeem your Retail card”.

Activation of McAfee with product key

  1. After following the above steps, a window will appear asking for your 25 digit product key or activation code.

  2. Enter your product key and click on submit.

  3. Now as the product is activated you may need to download the application.

  4. Take your mouse again to My account and then click on subscription option.

  5. From there download your version of antivirus that you just activated.

  6. Once the download is completed you can follow the instruction that appears on the screen and finishes the setup of McAfee antivirus.

How to Activate McAfee Antivirus software?


  • Visit the official website
  • Log in or click “Register now” if you are a new user.
  • Find the product you purchased from McAfee.
  • Download by clicking the download button.
  • Pass the license agreement and click the Agreement to proceed.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and complete the download process.

How to install Open a folder and run the configuration downloaded.

  • Next, enter the activation key of McAfee (McAfee activate) in the right field.
  • If you took this out of McAfee’s online subscription via, Open McAfee and the McAfee Activation product key would be requested. Check your email Id for the McAfee product key.
  • Enter the key for the product. Click activate, and it will finish.

If you buy it offline, then visit to activate the McAfee activate product 25 digit code mentioned on your McAfee retail card Login and get protected feedback (or) after you receive the product key, enter your registration number (official purchasing) on the card. Enter your registered Email ID, then click on the Enter button and then check it. Submit your country name and the language.


How to install McAfee antivirus using McAfee activate product key?

McAfee activate is a simple task that takes a couple of minutes to install. We have ensured that the antivirus is installed quickly and without problems. The activation can be a web installation or a CD setup. You must verify some things before we start the installation. If you used McAfee antivirus earlier, you must check whether your system still has an older version. If so, remove them and clean the remaining files completely. This is needed to avoid errors or degradation of the program. Old files may cause conflict with the new version if they stay in the system. If the version is the same, you can simply extend the product’s subscription.

For web installation – You need to visit the official website and download the setup file to match your product for installation from the Internet. You must install the file once downloaded. Enter the McAfee activate product key for McAfee Product you purchased after installation. Your antivirus is activated once it is done. This requires a quick internet connection because slow internet increases the installation time.

For CD installation – You can use this to install antivirus by using a CD if you have a CD-ROM drive on your computer. It can be obtained directly online or from a second party such as a retailer. The package also provides you with a Mactivate product key. Insert the CD and automatically allow the setup to run if the setup.exe file is not running on the CD. The installation is automatically carried out. Enter the McAfee Activate activation code with some other credentials when requested. You are good to go once the process is completed. It activates your antivirus and fully protects your system.

The whole installation and activation process of the antivirus is simple and takes just a couple of steps. You can protect your antivirus from the latest threats and advanced hacking efforts without any hassles. You can be rest assured that your data are protected by state of the art tools to prevent viruses and malware. This antivirus protects the system at different levels and removes previously infected files and purges the system. The antivirus is able to protect you against all new viruses and threats on the internet with regular updates and security definitions.

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