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Trend micro Windows 10 update

Added 10th May 2020
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Trend Micro Windows 10 update

Welcome to Trend Micro Windows 10 update. Windows 10 is the latest Operating System from Microsoft. If you want to install Trend Micro on Windows 10. There are some precautions, please keep them in mind. These are:

Activate Trend Micro

There are several variants are available for Trend Micro. You can purchase any of them online or offline. You may download Trend Micro setup or installer from –

Why Trend micro internet security and antivirus is mandatory?
In this digital era, most of our life functions are governed by our data stored in the computer system and most of our work is performed on the computer system. From personal to  professional, all the data remains saved in digital format and also all kinds of task are performed over there. In such a scenario, security of computer system becomes equally important as the security of any other physical asset.Trendmicro is an advanced artificial intelligence security which automatically detects and quarantine all kind of malware like virus,trojan,spyware,logic bombs,trackers and many more.

Trend Micro as a network security program:
All the computer security programs do not provide you network security, so it becomes essential to either uses an additional network security program or opt such computer security that includes network security in its package e.g. Trendmicro computer security program comes along with network security. So if you Trendmicro internet security or antivirus or any variant of Trendmicro, you already have network security enabled with your Trendmicro.

Keep the Trend Micro security program updated: 

Like any other software program, Trend micro security programs do update their definitions regularly. In case, your antivirus program is not up to date, you won’t be able to take advantage of the latest features of that security program stored in your computer. The older version of the Trendmicro program might not be able to detect or correct efficiently some newly generated virus or malware, at that time your files or data may get corrupted. Even Trendmicro antivirus program gets updated automatically whenever connected to the internet. So that means you just need to connect your device with a working internet connection and Trendmicro will update by itself.

Steps to install the Trend Micro on Windows 10

For a successful install- see minimum requirements and precautions Open a web browser reach in case of a Bestbuy purchase and download center for any other offline or online stores.

The Trendmicro program will download automatically of the Trendmicro/Bestbuy page and on download center, you need to click on your variant of Trendmicro security.
Now run the installer by Double-clicking on TrendMicro_16.0_HE_Full.exe in case of a BestBuy.

install and on your Trendmicro variant exe file in case of Non-Bestbuy purchase.
Now a User Account Control window will appear on your screen, click “Yes”.
Wait while the installer is extracting the needed installation files.
Now Trend Micro will check the compatibility of your system.
Next Setup wizard will ask for activation code, you have to type your serial number, then click Next.
Read data disclosure notice and click next.

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Now License agreement will come read and then click Agree and Install.
Wait as installation may take some time.
Provide a computer name, then click Next.

Type your email address for subscription, then click Next.
Now you need to fill account information, then click Next again.
Recheck the information that you filled, then click Next.
And click Finish and you are done with installation.

After Installing and activation, you’ll see Trend Micro’s User Interface.
Now your Trendmicro security is installed and activated. It is running in the background of your computer and it will work automatically

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