If you are looking for remote and onsite technical support for computers, Excel Tech Guru is the right choice. We offer comprehensive computer tech support, online PC support with server support, server backups, cloud data backups and more, depending on the scale of your IT needs. Our efforts have helped companies drive productivity with improved performance and up-time in computing and networking.

Technical support for computers

A quick overview of our support services include: Technical support for computers

  • Technical Support – Our flexible plans ensure that your computer networking, administration, and server needs are met 24/7.
  • Online Support – Our 24/7 Solutions Center enables you to get technical, software, and server issues resolved, remotely and fast!
  • Onsite Support – If you are based in CITY, COUNTRY, our expert technicians will handle any issues present in your computer and IT systems.
  • Virtual IT Department – Completely scale your IT department with us and get 24/7 managed computer and IT support with monthly/quarterly/yearly reports.
  • On-Demand Support – Already have an IT department but could use a hand every now and then? Our low priced on-demand computer support is just what you need.

Types of tech support companies

Retail shop for computer novices

Computer owners can bring their devices to retail shops and receive help from tech experts. Shops are a great support option for people who have infrequent computer issues.

On-site small business support

These services provide on-site support for small businesses that don’t employ a full-time tech support team.

Remote business support

These services are meant for businesses that need 24/7 support. Their techs can access computers remotely and also offer help and support via chat, email, and phone.

Comprehensive support

These services offer both on-site and remote tech support. This ensures that the service can help consumers with any problems they encounter, whether remotely or with an on-site visit.

Frequently Asked Questions – Technical support for computers

What is computer technical support?

Technical support for computers helps users with their computers, tablets, cell phones, and other electronic devices by providing:

  • Diagnostic services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs

Users can receive computer technical support in person, by phone or online.

How much does it cost to fix a computer?

Most fixes cost between $100 and $250. Repair prices vary depending on what service or repair you need. Keep in mind that some companies charge by the hour while others offer flat rates. Expect to spend $50 to $75 per hour of labor, plus the cost of any parts.

What are remote support tools?

Remote support tools allow an IT technician to connect to a device via the internet and assist an end-user remotely. Remote support tools include desktop sharing, file transfer, and file synchronization.

What is the difference between technical support and customer service?

Technical support and customer service are two different things:

  • Technical support focuses on resolving a technical problem with a product.
  • Customer service focuses on the experience of the customer before, during and after the purchase of a product or service.
Technical support for computers

What to consider when choosing a tech support company – Technical support for computers


Different tech support service companies have different pricing models based on what they offer. Look for a service with a pricing model that makes sense for your budget, whether the service uses a monthly payment or a pay-as-you-go model.

  • One-time fixes: Some services will charge on a pay-as-you-need basis. This means that you can resolve issues in a one-off manner. This can be a great feature for if you’re an individual or small business that doesn’t need heavy support.
  • Monthly subscriptions: If you choose a monthly subscription plan, you pay a monthly fee for an agreed-upon amount of support. This can be more cost-effective for companies that require regular routine maintenance and support.
  • Annual subscription: With an annual subscription, consumers usually pay less over the course of a year than they would pay on a month-to-month basis, but it does require putting more money down upfront.
  • Setup fee: Many companies ask for a one-time fee to set up the account. This can vary greatly depending on the size of the network and the number of people involved.

It’s best to work with a tech support service that has a solid track record and an established history. Consider the background and expertise of each firm, and choose one that best fits your needs.

  • Previous clients: Take a look at some of the company’s previous clients to see if they have been happy with the services. Good services should be happy to offer client references, reviews and case studies that give potential customers a sense of their success rates.
  • Industry expertise: Different services have experts with experience in specific industries. Find out if a particular tech service has worked in your industry or an industry with similar needs.
  • Reputation: The best tech support services have a good reputation for providing solid, reliable support.

Which devices do service support? Make a list of all devices for which you need support and potential devices you may need help with in the future. Make sure that the tech support service can offer help for every device on your list.

  • PCs: Most individuals and businesses need occasional support for desktop and laptop PCs.
  • Printers and scanners: Printers and scanners can sometimes go on the fritz or have inexplicable trouble communicating with the server. It’s important to look for a tech support service that can help with printers and scanners if you know you’ll use these devices frequently.
  • Routers: For freelancers and businesses, issues with a router can mean losing a lot of business until the situation is resolved. Although many tech support services work with routers, some don’t, and it’s important to ask if the service can support your router.
  • Mobile devices: More and more, individuals are turning to mobile devices to perform tasks and conduct business. However, mobile devices aren’t always covered by tech support services. Make sure that mobile devices are part of the coverage if you rely on them.
Support quality

The best services help customers resolve issues as quickly as possible. The quality of support is one of the most important features of a tech support service.

  • Free trial: Some companies offer a free or reduced-cost trial period that gives you time to decide if you like a product before signing a contract.
  • Microsoft or Apple certified: The best tech support services are certified by Microsoft or Apple, or both if you plan to have them work on products from both companies. This means that technicians have the proper training and know-how to properly fix these products.
  • Security: Any tech support service should ensure that they are working on an encrypted connection. Otherwise, anyone accessing your servers remotely could access valuable information.
Tech services

In addition, to supporting services and devices, it’s also important to consider what type of tech services the company offers. Individual and business needs can vary greatly when it comes to tech services, so it’s important to be clear on what exactly you need before choosing a service provider.

  • Diagnostics: Diagnostics support includes periodic checks on hardware and software to spot potential failures, conflicts, and software-related issues. It’s an important part of ensuring that a computer or computer network can run without issues.
  • Virus and malware help: When computers are infected with viruses or malware, tech support services remove them and restore the computer.
  • Data recovery: If a computer or computer network has been compromised, sometimes data is lost. Tech support services can help with data recovery to ensure that you don’t lose valuable information.
  • Customization: The more customizable service is, the more likely you’ll find a plan that’s exactly right for you and doesn’t require you to pay for unnecessary services.
Customized support

Some people need constant help and immediate support, while smaller businesses or individuals only need occasional help. A tech support service should have pricing models that meet a company’s needs.

  • Self-help tools: Some tech support services offer valuable self-help tools that can help you take care of small problems easily.
  • As-needed service: Some companies need constant on-site maintenance while others only need a quick job performed now and then. Look for a company that offers a custom structure that fits your specific needs.
  • Direct access: Some tech services offer direct access to the specialists and services that an individual or business needs based on their account profile. This can save time in waiting to reach a service representative or having to be redirected to a different department.

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