WHO director-general told five important things! Which will help fight the coronavirus?

W.H.O told what is healthy:- D. H. of W H.O – Terdos Adhanom Ghebreyesus told five things in a series of his tweets. He told us what should be done during this sudden, the environment around us, which is spreading infection, which should be beneficial for us.

W.H.O told what is healthy in this lockdown

The coronavirus has changed the lives of all those on Earth. Everyone is scared inside, how the Coronavirus suddenly changed human life is not known. Today everyone is lying in their home, even in such an environment, there are some things that you will feel good by doing, and will be more secure.

W H.O’s D.G – Terdos Adhanom Ghebreyesus said these five things: –
WHO told what to do, what not to do not smoke:

W.H.O told what is healthy: He has advised in his first tweet not to smoke. Because, if you smoke, and if you get infected with the coronavirus, it may cost you dearly. Because smoking weakened your immunity. If you get coronavirus, it can also cause other serious illnesses. You are more at risk than this, so you must avoid smoking.

  • Eat poppy food:

In the second tweet, he told that you should “eat nutritious food”. Because, if you take a post-meal then your immunity will increase. With which you will avoid the infection of old RS, and if done, you will be able to fight strongly. Therefore, it is important to eat nutritious food.

  • Do not consume alcohol:

He wrote in his third tweet that “Do not consume alcohol”. If you consume cigarettes or alcohol, or if your sugar level increases, then in case of infection, an abnormal situation can occur.

  • Exercise:

He mentioned exercising in his fourth tweet. Those of the diameter can exercise half an hour, and children can do 1 hour. Children have more energy, and school is also closed, so children are being told to exercise for 1 hour.

W.H.O told what is healthy in this lockdown
  • Make the position strong:

These days, everywhere you are getting negative results, fear is also there in you. You must be feeling that negative is happening everywhere. But, even in such a situation, good work is being done in many places.

According to psychology, if you are afraid of some disease, then it is more likely to be the disease.

So make yourself strong mentally, spend time with your family, watch movies that you want to see in a movie, listen to songs and trust God. Make yourself strong

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